Wedding Day Calligraphy



Seating charts are a fun way to add personality and style to your wedding day. And let me tell you, they can be a pain to do by yourself. That’s why you’ve got me! With 30+ seating charts under my belt, I’ve got tons of experience to help you have the perfect chart. I love unique ideas and materials so send me your ideas and we’ll make them happen!

Pricing: $2 per guest

Thinking of going for escort cards instead of a chart? Cool! They can be harder to display so be warned. Those start at $2.50!



Place Cards

Place cards

Place cards are a great way to add some personalized pizazz to your table arrangements. I can’t tell you how happy guests get to have little things they can take home with their name on it!

Pricing: $2 per guest




Signage is a fun way to add personality to your wedding and communicate any important information to your guests! Welcome signs, menus, guestbook signs, programs - we can make a sign for anything.

Pricing: varies considerably

But to give you a few ideas…
A welcome sign is often $150.
Smaller 11x14 signs are often $50.


The prices quoted above do not include materials or taxes + delivery.