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 But who am I?

I'm Jen, the lady behind Jennifer Bianca Calligraphy. I've been lettering since I was 12, when the white walls in my bedroom started to bore me... so I took matters into my own hands and started writing "angsty" teen lyrics all over the walls (in pencil). Since then, this love of writing has blossomed into a job and career - if only my 12 year old self could see me now.

In 2015 I started dabbling with selling prints online, in 2016 I started to offer some wedding calligraphy services. In 2017 I added wedding stationery designer and workshop educator to my job titles, and in 2018 I decided to re-invent the way I do stationery. Switching it to what focused to who focused. Read more about my stationery process here, and more about my passions and me here.

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with my husband of nearly 5 years. For fun I... read, eat mexican food, and explore the inner workings of the enneagram (I'm a 3 in case you were curious).

I believe in discovering who we are and expressing our genuine selves to the world, and that’s what I hope to accomplish in everything that I do. Including this newsletter.

What can you expect from the newsletter?

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