Want to learn calligraphy but can’t find the resources or motivation to get started?

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Years ago when I started my lettering and calligraphy journey, I wasn’t sure what tools I should be using or how in the world to get my writing to actually look good

It was easy to feel like I had to wait to start to get the perfect tools. It was easy to feel unmotivated to practice because I didn’t know where to start to get consistent and confident fast. (Spoiler: it probably won’t happen as fast as you like!)

I’ll help you skip the whole “where do I begin” conundrum + go straight to feeling like you have the knowledge and motivation to really rock this calligraphy game.


I’d like to introduce you to Crash Calligraphy, my step-by-step online course that walks you through how to get from “I don’t know what I’m doing” to “Damn my calligraphy game is strong!”

Maybe you want to learn calligraphy because…
- you want a hobby that helps clear your head and help you relax
- you want to be able to create art for your own home
- you want to create personal details for your wedding day
- you want to learn the basics to make goods for friends + family (or even to sell!)

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in crash calligraphy:

  • All the my recommended tools for any project

  • How to hold your tools and how to get your mind and hand loosened up with things like drills and practice strokes

  • A step-by-step breakdown of every letter and how to connect it to other letters

  • How to go from making individual letters to writing full, continuous words

  • Adding flourishes to your calligraphy and developing your own style

How I’m delivering the lessons:

  • You’ll get a full ebook guide to give you all the information and worksheets through the whole course!

  • I’ll be sharing all the information in online lessons with short videos to guide you through it all so you can see exactly how it’s done!



Crash Calligraphy won’t launch until October but…

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