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my purpose (for now)

Last week I dropped the news that Jennifer Bianca is about to go through a “re-orientation”. (I mean, I’m already in the trenches working on it but you won’t see the fruit until I’m done on December 6th!)

I also told you what led me to this decision, this need, to change things up.

In short: I acknowledge that calligraphy is not my purpose. And in discovering my purpose, I need to realign my business to reflect that.

And so, I want to tell you a little bit about me today and what I believe my real purpose is. (At least, what my purpose is for now!)

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calligraphy is not my purpose.

Let’s start with a “big announcement”:

We’re about to shake things up - with a re-brand!

But I’d prefer to call it a re-orientation.

On December 6th, you’ll wake up to a whole new Jennifer Bianca. New purpose, new process, new website, new voice, new colours. NEW.

Leading up to the “launch”, I’ll be sharing with you why things are changing, how they’re changing, and what it’s all going to look like moving forward.

Today, let’s start with why.

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