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With the launch of my new and re-oriented brand, comes a shift in the way that I approach wedding stationery - from invites to wedding day details! To me, this is one of the most exciting parts of my re-brand and one of the most pivotal. The biggest change.

In summary…

I want it all to reflect you.

Let me tell you how I plan to do that.


Being authentic to you.

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram where there is inspiration at every turn and guides on what you should do for your wedding, I want to go the other direction.

I want to focus my process not on what you want, but who you are.
I want to trade “I like this” for “This is so us!”
I want to share your unique personalities and love story and style in everything that I create for you.
I want to shake off expectations and rules and create things that feel right for you.
I want to share your authentic and wonderful selves with your guests.

Because I strongly believe the wedding day is not about how “Pinterest-worthy” it will be, but that it is all about celebrating YOU.

I believe paper goods are some of the best ways to add your unique personality and vibe to your wedding. So why would we make invitations, seating charts, and signs that look like they could be transplanted to any other couple’s wedding?

A cliché...

There’s this cliché in the wedding stationery world that says your invitations are your guest’s first glimpse into your wedding day.

It’s not totally wrong. But it is a little wrong…

Here’s what I mean.

YOU are your guest’s first glimpse into your wedding day! The invitations, the format of the wedding, the decor, the reception… I believe none of it should be a surprise to your guests because they know you and your wedding reflects you.

Okay, let me tell you about the process.


My Custom Stationery Design Process

1. You Inquire

All you gotta do is click this big yellow button to get started with the stationery process…

There, you’ll find my initial inquiry form with a bunch of questions about you and your partner. My questions here focus more on who you are and not necessarily what you need. We’ll uncover that next! You’ll hear back from me soon with some dates and times for us to meet and discuss your stationery!

2. We Meet

Whether it’s in person or on a video call, we’ll get to know each other, chat stationery, and figure out what you need and how we can reflect you best! I just want to get to know you so that I can put together a proposal that really feels like it’s going to reflect you.

3. Proposal Time

Based on everything you shared with me at our meeting, I’ll put together a proposal and cost breakdown for you.

This will include some elementary design ideas and sketches that take pieces of you, your personalities, and your relationship and translate them onto paper invitations. We’re not nailing down any specifics here, but rather showing you some rough ideas of what I have in mind before you book. You don’t wanna fly in blind, now do you?

The estimated budget will also be exactly that: an estimate. As we refine our ideas and decide on materials and quantities, this number will change - but I’ll make sure to keep it within a comfortable range for you.

4. Booking!

Once you decide your sold on me, it’s time to lock it in and make our relationship official. To book, you’ll sign the contract and pay a deposit to secure your date and project. The deposit amount is going to depend on the total estimated budget for your invitations, but it typically starts at $650.

5. The Work Begins

Once you’re booked, the real process begins! I’ll start by sending you a timeline of what our work together will look like, a questionnaire for all the wording and information I’ll need for you invitations, and a project start date (because sometimes we don’t get to work right away!).

The design process looks like refining all the details from the initial proposal until we are happy with it. My goal, once again, is to reflect you in these invitations!

My wish for you is that you trust me to make some magic, and leave those Pinterest-expectations at the door :)

We’ll sort out design, materials, and all that jazz until we’ve got it all just right.

6. Production Time

Once all the design work is done and materials are in, it’s time to get all your pieces printed, made, and calligraphed.

At this time, you’ll get to decide if you want me to do all the assembling and mailing for you OR if you want to save some money, have some fun, and do it on your own.

7. Invite Your Guests

Finally, you can send these babes out and off to your guests! I can tell you two things with certainty:

  1. Guests will love seeing their name in fancy calligraphy on the front. Seriously.

  2. They will be so excited to see the beauty of the two of your reflected in the invitations, and they won’t be able to wait for the fun that awaits them at your wedding.


Looking for custom wedding invitations?

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