jennifer bianca calligraphy is moving!

Wait, did you even know that the Jennifer Bianca Headquarters isn't in Winnipeg? 

As I've been mentioning to people that I currently live in Rosenort, MB and will be moving to Winnipeg, many people have said, "Wait, you don't live in Winnipeg now?"

Apparently I've been a good fake Winnipeger. Ha!

But it's true! I grew up in Rosenort, moved to Steinbach for two years, moved back to Rosenort for 3 years, and now we're heading to the big city.

Here's a look at the little 10'x10' office/second bedroom I've been working in for the last three years.

Friends, it's small and it's dark (basement suite!). It's not super instagram-worthy or glamorous. It's pretty full and messy. BUT it's done the job and been the home of JBC for 3 years, and I've been so grateful.

I learned a lot in here, calligraphed a lot in here, printed a lot in here, and grown a lot in here. Thankful for this space. Excited to move on to something new! 

What's next?

Okay okay, we won't be upgrading like crazy. I'll still be working out of our second bedroom in our new apartment, but here's what I'm excited about.

  • A bigger and brighter space!

  • Being in Central Winnipeg means EASY pick-up and drop-off of wedding rentals. Clients get to save money on delivery!

  • Easy pick-up of online orders for locals.

  • Coffee dates with friends - new and old alike. You'll be able to find me at Little Sister since I'm a 3 min walk from there!

We're moving in two short weeks and I can't wait to show you my new office set-up. Stay tuned!