how to address an envelope: 5 steps

Do you want to address your envelopes but you're not sure where to start? 

Check out the five steps below to get started! 


1. Print your addresses.

  1. Set up a Word/Pages document with all your addresses and names, with everything on separate lines like you'll have on the envelopes.

  2. Align all your lines according to how you want to address them. Centred, left-justified, or right justified.

  3. Print it out! Or keep it on your computer for reference.

Here's an example of the layout:

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Westover
104 2nd St
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R0C 1B0

Some thoughts on etiquette...

Whose name go on the envelope? Everyone you are inviting! If the whole family is invited, use "The Westover Family". If not, use specifically the names of the people invited. If they get to bring a guest, specify that as well by writing "Mr. Mark Westover and guest".

Should you use "Mr. and Mrs."? Personally, I think this is up to you. Think about the level of formality your wedding is, and if you're leaning towards the formal side I'd suggest having "Mr. and Mrs." on the envelope. If you're going for a more casual event, skip the titles and use their first names. 



2. Print off your layout guidelines.

Fill in your name and email address to get envelope layout guides from me! You can also make your own, but why not get ones that are already made?


3. Penciling in your guides.

  1. Place your envelope in the centre of the box on the envelope template.

  2. Using a ruler, pencil the lines onto the envelope LIGHTLY. These will be your guides. We'll erase these later!

  3. PRO TIP: Get a small laser level and skip the pencil process. This eliminates a step because you can just project the line across the envelope and not have the pencil the marks. Here's the one I got on Amazon.



4. Picking your pen.

I'll be creating a resource of my favourite calligraphy tools SOON. For now, here are a few options that are great for envelope calligraphy!

  • Pen + Nib: I'm a big fan of any cheap pen holder, and the Nikko G nib. Higgins eternal ink is generally available at Michael's, but your local art store should have a variety of Sumi Ink as well.

  • Brush pen: Order a bunch from amazon and experiment! One of my favourites is the Tombow Fudenosuke.

  • Gel Pens: Gelly Roll is a great brand, and the white shows up on dark envelopes!


Photo by  Brittany Mahood

5. Start writing!

You're ready to go, get started! Don't worry if you have a lot of errors. Calligraphers typically ask for 10-20% extra envelopes because errors are inevitable, so don't sweat it if you make mistakes here and there.

We'll get into some stylistic ideas for envelope calligraphy soon! Stay tuned.

Want some more help addressing envelopes?

I'll be teaching an envelope calligraphy workshop in Winnipeg on March 15! Click the button below to see all the details and get your ticket.