golden child - my first font!

I’m really thrilled to share with you my first completed font… finally!

So many hours and glasses of wine and mistakes and love went into the creation of this font. I wanted my first font to be simple (boy is there a learning curve with font making) and I wanted it to reflect the way I naturally write sans-serif letters when I create wedding signage or other client work!

The Process

It embarrasses me to admit that I started this process in March of 2018. Yes, over a year ago! I bought Every-Tuesdays course and was pumped to get started. And then I had markets to prep for. And then I had wedding season. And then I had to create wedding invite designs. And then I had more markets… and the list goes on. Basically: clients who are paying me to do work for them took priority over the font that I wasn’t sure would ever make me any money.

Over the course of the last year and a half(ish), Mitch and I have slowly tackled this one. And the longer it took the more nervous I got to actually get it out there. “What if no one likes it?” That’s the fear for every creator.

But, friends, it is done and it is cute and I hope it serves everyone who buys it well.

The Name

Naming things is hard, people! I don’t know how parents do it.

I had to remind myself as I was naming it that I don’t have to have the perfect name and it doesn’t have to make sense to everyone - there are tons of fonts and they all have names and do we question any of them? Nope!

And yet, I kinda feel like Golden Child is the perfect name.

I came up with Golden Child because I wanted the font to represent me somehow because it’s my style of writing. (A lot of people suggested the name Bianca but I’ve got that one reserved for a future script font!)

I was listening to Sleeping At Last’s song Three (for the enneagram type 3 - me!) and he mentioned a 3 being the “golden child” and it just felt right. It felt young and playful, it represented me, it looked really nice when typed out using the font, and it tied in the idea of attempting to be perfect because the font is smooth and as perfect as I could make it.

So, Golden Child was born.

The Details

Thinking you might wanna use the font and wanna know the features?! Amazing.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Regular and Bold versions of the full font

  • OTF and TTF files (basically this means you can use it on any program) and the web fonts if you purchase the extended license!

  • Full uppercase and lowercase alphabets, symbols, and numbers.

  • Multilingual support for western European languages!

And here are some more pics of it in use!


Okay one more thing!

I made a cute little free printable with the font. Get it below!

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