connecting my purpose with my business

The day has finally arrived! 

For the past month-ish, I've been talking about the 're-orientation' of me. Of my business. I've talked about it in my emails, I've talked about it on the blog, and I've talked about it on Instagram.

And the day has finally arrived to share with you what I've been working on!

From a visual stance - the biggest thing to change is my website (which was also the biggest project). But I want to emphasize that my website is not what has changed

My purpose has become clear.
My message has become my focus.
My passion has been brought to the surface.

And so, this is what I want for you to feel when you read my website, look at my design and colours, and browse my pages...

I want the things I do with calligraphy to connect with YOU.

I want to connect with your heart and soul more than your eyes. I want to make wedding invitations that reflect you and your unique love story. I want to create wedding decor that reflects your heart and passion and expresses your authentic selves to your guests. I want to make art that puts your heart onto the walls of your home. 

And I want to embrace me too. Which has meant shaking off this idea that a wedding stationery designer has to be clean, and simple, and elegant - and letting me reflect my personality and passion through my website and the way I speak. 

I hope this new identity makes you feel alive, authentic, and like you can be known and accepted as you are.

A few pages that I’d love for you to check out to get my heart and passion:

I've still got some features and details I'd like to roll out over the coming months, but for now - it's ready for you to check out! Please let me know if you find any errors, missed details, or wrong links - this set of eyes may not have caught everything :)

Something else that is changing is my wedding process: but more details about that next week!