calligraphy is not my purpose.

Let’s start with a “big announcement”:

We’re about to shake things up - with a re-brand!

But I’d prefer to call it a re-orientation.

On December 6th, you’ll wake up to a whole new Jennifer Bianca. New purpose, new process, new website, new voice, new colours. NEW.

Leading up to the “launch”, I’ll be sharing with you why things are changing, how they’re changing, and what it’s all going to look like moving forward.

Today, let’s start with why.

For the last 6+ months, I have not been content with the state of my business. I’ve been uninspired to share on Instagram. I’ve been feeling like I don’t want to continue doing wedding stationery. I’ve been uncertain of it all.

What I realized is that I’ve been wrestling with my purpose.

Because calligraphy is not my purpose.

I love calligraphy. It has opened my eyes to my creativity, it has shown me that I’m artistic, it has allowed me to express myself in new ways and chase a job that I never expected I would have.

But it’s not my purpose.

And so, for the past while I’ve been wondering: what am I doing? Where am I going? What is something bigger that I can offer the world? How can I impact lives beyond this and do something good for society?

What even is my purpose?

(I’ll unravel that for you next week.)

But why did I even start wrestling with this in the first place?

It’s been a big year for me on a personal level. I mean, from the outside you’d have no idea; but I’ve been doing a lot of inner work this year. A lot of re-thinking. A lot of deconstructing. Who I think I am. My faith. My opinions and judgements.

I’ve been digging into my genuine self - learning to love me, embrace me, and express myself more authentically in the world. (Definitely not doing this perfectly yet.)

And my business is an extension of me. It’s a part of me. It’s what I spend the majority of my waking hours thinking of and working on - so it’s been weird for it to feel out of alignment with where I am going with myself as a person.

So it’s been time for a re-alignment. A shift. A re-orienting to fit with my larger purpose.

The Catalyst for Change

Everything I’ve said above has been mostly a recent revelation. Until now, things have felt off and I just wasn’t sure why. Until 3 weeks ago. It all started to come together.

3 weeks ago, I joined a Mastermind with a bunch of local wedding vendors. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a good fit for the group because I wasn’t sure how much longer I wanted to be in the wedding industry. I joined anyways hoping for some clarity.

And oh, did I get it.

Being with the group that day helped me figure out my frustrations and fears - and got me thinking about what needed to change.

Later that day I was listening to a podcast (Wandering Aimfully) and they mentioned their free email branding course and I thought, “Hey, I like what these two do and what they stand for - maybe the course will give me some more clarity.”

So I signed up and started digging in. And clarity, I received.

I’ve done these little branding courses before. “Who’s your ideal client? What’s your purpose? What do you want to do for people? How can you communicate that?” I know the drill, but until now I haven’t been ready to give the real answers.

And those real answers revealed a new way to approach my brand and business. And I can’t wait to share more details and reveal it all to you.

But that’s a start.

I hope that in some way this messy unraveling resonates with you in your life and journey. Figuring out our purpose isn’t easy. Find our value can be hard. But we have it. We have purpose and we have value - all we need is a little time and honest to bring them to the surface.

Next week I’ll be sharing a little more about what I believe my purpose is and how I want to share that purpose with the world!