5 favourite calligraphy pens + tools

One of the hardest things with starting to practice calligraphy is wondering where in the world do you get supplies? And which ones? Do you really have to try a lot of crappy materials before you find the ones that work? 

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Favourite Pen: Any!

The pen is what holds the nib for you to write with, and I'm not super particular on this - any cheap one will do. I prefer a holder that let's you switch between oblique (top) and straight (bottom). The nib shouldn't be built into it, so that you can easily put in any nib that you like.

Where to get it: Johnnealbooks.com or Artist's Emporium in Winnipeg


Favourite Nib: Nikko G

This nib is SO versatile. It's stiff enough that you can get thin hairlines and still write small, and flexible enough that you can get thicker downstrokes and write larger!

Where to get it: Amazon.com or Johnnealbooks.com


Tombow Fudenosuke

Favourite Brush Pen: Tombow Fudenosuke

This pen is available in a hard tip and soft tip and both are amazing. High pigmentation and really nice contrast. The hard-tip is great for beginners because it is easier to control, and the soft-tip is still quite easy to control with a greater contrast between the thicks and things due to increased flexibility. Can't get enough of these pens. 

Where to get it: Amazon.ca or Johnnealbooks.com or Artist's Emporium in Winnipeg.


Favourite Chalk Marker: Bistro

I use the chalk marker for most seating charts because it works great for chalkboard, mirrors, and windows. The chalk marker is semi-permanent on chalkboards, so it won't easily wipe off, but that means it's also more difficult to remove and typically will leave a residue behind. This chalk marker comes in multiple sizes and tips. My favourite is the smallest in the bullet tip!

Where to get it: Amazon.ca or Michael's

Moon Palace Sumi Ink

Favourite Black Ink: Sumi Ink

There are a lot of different black inks (a popular and accessible one is Higgins Eternal) but my favourite is any Sumi Ink, specifically Moon Palace Sumi. It's pigmented, generally has great pigmentation, and doesn't bleed. 

Where to get it: Johnnealbooks.com or Artist's Emporium in Winnipeg


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Favourite calligraphy tools