3 reasons why you should start a calligraphy practice

Maybe you’ve been wanting to develop some kind of creative hobby and just haven’t found the time. Or maybe you’re stressed and want to find a way to relax at the end of the day. Or perhaps you’ve tried some calligraphy here and there and you want motivation to really dig in and practice more to develop your skills.

Let me tell you why I think it’s time you got started with calligraphy.

Do I think you need a calligraphy practice specifically? Nope! Find whatever creative endeavour feels good to you. Find what you could feel passionate about! That could be painting or creative writing or pottery… you name it. I think this article could be helpful for you even if you replace every time I use “calligraphy” with your creative pursuit of choice!

3 Reasons For Starting a Calligraphy Practice

Reason 1: Calligraphy is relaxing, stress-relieving, and meditative.

I think we all need a way to wind down at the end of the day. Something to take our mind off of the stress of work or our daily anxieties. But I know that one of the barriers to get a creative practice like this started is that it feels like we don’t have the time or energy to do so.

What if we re-framed this habit or hobby to not be a thing on our to-do list, but an active step in our daily self care? What if you took even 15 minutes 3-4 times a week to sit down and do something you love that calms you?

Something I hear at my calligraphy workshops all the time is how stress-relieving it is. Adding and releasing pressure, moving your pen to create letters - it can put you into a bit of a moving meditative state. You need to focus so hard on those aspects that your mind doesn’t have a chance to think of the many things you have to stress out about.

Some people use it as method to relieve their anxiety, and I know for me that when I sit down and letter I get lost in the art form. It’s pretty freeing and relaxing.

Although just working on practicing your letters can be very chill and meditative, I think a really cool aspect is that you can also use it to meditate it on words or phrases that mean something to you. Write the words over and over again, allow them to sink into and become real truths you believe. And then, maybe make it into a piece of art for your home? Let’s talk about the perks of that in Reason 2.

Reason 2: You can make your own art and home decor with calligraphy.

Art and home decor can get expensive. We don’t all have the budget to have really beautifully staged shelves or a million plants or a bunch or art from local makers. It’s just not always possible. But, when you dive into your own creative pursuit, you have the chance to add some beauty and art to your life by your own hands.

Like I said previously, I think a really fun practice within calligraphy is using it as a way to meditate on words, quotes, mantras, or verses that really mean something to you. If you want something to really stick into your heart, mind, and soul - writing it out over and over is a great way to do this. (Am I the only one who just thought of Harry Potter writing “I must not tell lies” over and over and over into his hand? LOL.)

The added perk to this is you can create your own art out of these meaningful words for you home! Seeing them every day, being reminded of their importance, and then being able to rotate them out when it feels like you need a new daily reminder and starting the whole process over again.

Maybe you want a quote in your living room that makes your guests feel welcome, and maybe you want a different quote on your night table that reminds you that you have the courage to face a new day, and maybe you want another quote in your daughter’s bedroom to reminder her that she is so valuable and wonderful and loved. Commissioning these all can get expensive - but learning the craft yourself is good for your soul and good for your home!

3 - You can make money with calligraphy

After a lot of practice and sharing some of your creations with others - friends and family often naturally start to ask you to make pieces for them. YAY! Bonus money!

Now, we don’t all need to turn our hobby into a business. (Spoiler alert: making your hobby into a business can often suck the joy right out of the whole process. Don’t give that up on a whim!) But for some extra fun cash to use to buy yourself something nice or go out for dinner, it can be really fun to take on a few commissions from friends + family.

Not sure what to charge? Honestly, don’t stress about it! As a hobbyist, do whatever feels fair to you and worthwhile for you. Your not trying to get rich with it, just add a couple dollars to pay off some debt or buy yourself a treat!

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